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DHomesb Chapter 8 - CCNA Discovery: Networking for Home and Small Businesses (Version 4.0)

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Identify three techniques used in social engineering. (Choose three.)

A flood of packets with invalid source-IP addresses requests a connection on the network. The server busily tries to respond, resulting in valid requests being ignored. What type of attack occurred?
#SYN flooding

While surfing the Internet, a user notices a box claiming a prize has been won. The user opens the box unaware that a program is being installed. An intruder now accesses the computer and retrieves personal information. What type of attack occurred?
#Trojan horse

What is a major characteristic of a Worm?
#exploits vulnerabilities with the intent of propagating itself across a network

During a pretexting event, how is a target typically contacted?
#by phone

What term is used to describe a dedicated hardware device that provides firewall services?


Refer to the graphic. In the Linksys Security menu, what does the SPI Firewall Protection option Enabled provide?
#It requires that packets coming into the router be responses to internal host requests.

Many best practices exist for wired and wireless network security. The list below has one item that is not a best practice. Identify the recommendation that is not a best practice for wired and wireless security.
#Disable the wireless network when a vulnerability analysis is being performed.

What environment would be best suited for a two-firewall network design?
#a large corporate environment

Which statement is true about port forwarding within a Linksys integrated router?
#Only external traffic that is destined for specific internal ports is permitted. All other traffic is denied.

Which two statements are true concerning anti-spam software? (Choose two.)
#When anti-spam software is loaded, legitimate e-mail may be classified as spam by mistake.
#Even with anti-spam software installed, users should be careful when opening e-mail attachments.

What type of advertising is typically annoying and associated with a specific website that is being visited?

To which part of the network does the wireless access point part of a Linksys integrated router connect?

What statement is true about security configuration on a Linksys integrated router?
#Internet access can be denied for specific days and times.

Which abbreviation refers to an area of the network that is accessible by both internal, or trusted, as well as external, or untrusted, host devices?

Which statement is true regarding anti-virus software?
#Only after a virus is known can an anti-virus update be created for it.

What is one function that is provided by a vulnerability analysis tool?
#It identifies missing security updates on a computer.

What part of the security policy states what applications and usages are permitted or denied?
#acceptable use

What best practice relates to wireless access point security?
#a change of the default IP address

What is a widely distributed approach to marketing on the Internet that advertises to as many individual users as possible via IM or e-mail?


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